How to Register PF and ESI from Shram Suvidha Portal

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Register PF and ESI from Shram Suvidha Portal

It’s mandatory for employers(companies) who have more than 20 employees(Staff) working for them to register with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation. If the employer is registered to the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation(EPFO), all employees(Staff) working in that organization(Company/Firm) with a basic wage of up to Rs.15,000/- must join the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

PF Contribution:- 12% of the employee’s(Staff’s) salary is contributed by the employer(Company/firm) and employee each towards the Provident Fund (PF). Upon registration of UAN(Universal Account Number), the employee(Staff) will be able to view the balance as well as the PF withdrawal amount online.

ESIC Contribution:- An individual who is employed in a non-seasonal factory that has more than 10 employees(Staff). These criteria are applicable under Section 2 (12) of the Act. With effect from 1 January 2017, the wage limit of an employee(Staff) is set at Rs.21,000/- per month for him/her to come under the coverage of the ESIC scheme.

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How to Register PF and ESI from ShramSuvidha

Signup on Portal

Register PF and ESI from Shram Suvidha Portal

After Signup, You will get a verification link on the email and set up a user id and password. After verification is completed then, go to the login portal.


Login on Portal

  • User Id
  • Password

How to Register PF and ESI from ShramSuvidha portal


After Login, You will see the dashboard, On the left tab click on Registration, and also click on Registration For EPFO-ESIC Option.


Click on Apply for New Registration on right side


Acts Applying For:-

Check both acts, and click submit.

  • Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948
  • Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952

Common Registration form for ESIC & EPFO

how to register PF and ESI

Establishment Details

  • Establishment Name (as per PAN):*(Incase of Propitiatory firm Name as per PAN is not required) – Type your proprietor’s PAN or Company’s Pan

A. Work Place Address (Address proof required in attachment)

  • Premise No./Name:* Your business address
  • Sub-Location/Colony/Street Name:* Your business address
  • Locality/village/Town Name:* Your business address
  • State:* Your business state
  • District:* Your business district
  • Area Code/Pin Code:* Your pin code
  • Nearest Police Station:* From your business
  • Setup Date:* Business starting date
  • Establishment Category:* Select your business category
  • PAN:* Business pan
  • Sector (Ownership Type):* Select ownership type

B. If Factory, Specify Factory License Details

how to register PF and ESI

This is only applicable for factory

  • Factory Licensed Under Section
  • Factory License Number
  • Issued By Authority, Place
  • Date of License Registration
  • Date of Trial Production, if Factory

C. If Start-up,Specify Start-up Registration Number

  • DIPP Start-up Certificate No
  • DIPP Start-up Certificate Date

D. If Establishment is MSME, Specify MSME Registration Number

  • MSME Certificate No
  • MSME Certificate date

E. Ownership Details

  • Date Of Registration:*
  • No Of Owners:*
  • Issued At:*
  • Registration/ Deed No:*
  • Issued By:*
  • CIN

After filling the establishment details, then click Next.


how to register PF and ESI
  • Primary E-Mail:*
  • Primary Mobile:*

After fill eContacts, then click Next.

Contact Persons

how to register PF and ESI

F. Primary Manager

  • P. Manager:- Fill all fields for the manager’s contact details if you don’t have a manager then fill proprietor’s details.
  • P. Owner:- Fill all fields for the owner/proprietor’s contact details.

G. Add more Owners

Fill in the contact of the additional owner of your firm. After fill contact persons, then click Next


how to register PF and ESI
  • Select Identifier:* Selection identifier for identifying your firm. You can select like GSTN, Sales Tax, Shop Number, Central Excise, ROC, Non-Finance Bank, Any Licence, etc,
  • Identifier value:* Identifier Number like GST number, Central Excise Number, ROC Number, Any Licence Number, etc according to Identifier Select.
  • Name as on Identifier:* According to Identifier Select. (Your Firm Name)
  • Date of Issue:* Date of issue GST certification, Excise certification, ROC issue Date, or any Licence issue date.
  • Issued by {Authority}:* Who has issued you a certificate or licence. (Gov of India or State Gov Name)
  • Issued at {Place}:* Your Place

And tick on Mark it as Address Proof, Then Click Next

Employment Details

how to register PF and ESI
  • Do EPF and MP Act applies to Establishment:* Chose Voluntary Coverage or Yes
  • Is Establishment Multinational:* Chose Yes or No
  • Whether Any work/Business is being carried out through contractor/immediate employer:* Chose Yes or No
  • Is there any Hazardous activity in your establishment:* Chose Yes or No
  • Note: Required fields are indicated by an (*):
  • Note: Total = Total No. of Employees drawing wages Rs. 21,000 or less
  • Number of Workers as on date:* How many employees you have on the date of PF/ESI registration.
  • No of Employees drawing wages Rs. 21,000 or less:* How many employees drawing wages less than Rs.21000.
  • First date on which 10/20 or more persons were employed (including persons employed through immediate employers) :* When you complete 10 or 20 employees’ hiring date.
  • To employees employed directly by the principal employer* Fill total wages & how many wages is less than Rs.21000
  • To employees employed through immediate contractor* Fill total wages of employee which you hire from the third party or contractor & wages is less than Rs.21000 too.
  • ESI Code number if Covered earlier: If you have otherwise skipped.
  • Name of Income Tax Ward/Circle/Area *: Search as your pan number.
  • Maximum No. of persons that can be employed on any one day:- How many employees you hire on any one day.
  • Describe work Carried Out*: Describe your firm or company work, then click Next

J. Other Details [Common to both EPFO-ESIC]:

  • Whether the building/premises of factory/Estt is owned or hired * Chose Lease, Rent, Hire, or Own.
  • Whether Establishment Is Working With Aid Of Power?*: Chose Yes or No

After filling this section then click Next


how to register PF and ESI

Fill in the details of your branch or division and click Next.


how to register PF and ESI
  • Primary Business Activity:* Your Company’s Business Activity
  • Nature of Work:* Your Company’s Nature of Work
  • Subcategory of Nature of Work:* Your Subcategory of Work.

And Click Next


how to register PF and ESI

After the attached document then click Submit.

You will receive an acknowledgment number in your mail after submission. You will be received PF Registration Number and ESIC IP Number within 7 days.

How to Register PF and ESI from ShramSuvidha portal

FAQ – Frequent Asked Question

Employees’ Provident Fund or EPF is a popular savings scheme that has been introduced by the EPFO under the body of the Government of India.The savings scheme is directed towards the salaried class person to facilitate their habit of saving money to build a substantial retirement.
Employees’ State Insurance Scheme of India is a multi-dimensional Social Security Scheme tailored to provide Socio-economic protection to the 'employees' in the organized sector against the events of sickness, maternity, disablement, and death due to employment injury and to provide medical care to the insured employees and their families
The scheme provides full medical care to the employee registered under the ESI Act, 1948 during the period of his incapacity, restoration of his health and working capacity. It provides financial assistance to compensate the loss of his/ her wages during the period of his abstention from work due to sickness, maternity and employment injury. The scheme provides medical care to his/her family members also.
Yes, it is the statutory responsibility of the employer under Section 2A of the Act read with Regulation 10-B, to register their Factory/ Establishment under the ESI Act within 15 days from the date of its applicability to them
Yes, the member is required to be registered on Member Portal to file the Transfer Claim online. The detailed process flow for the registration is available at the link available on the Homepage of EPFO website This can be accessed through the link - For Employees > Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) > Detailed Instructions > Process flow for registration on Member Portal or at the URL .
The member can check the eligibility to file the Transfer Claim Online at the link available on the Homepage of EPFO website This can be accessed through the link - For Employees > Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) > Check eligibility to file Online Transfer Claim or at the URL

For any query or complaint mail at [email protected]

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